If Brexit Was a Legal Case

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If Brexit was a legal case, there would be no Brexit.

In law misrepresentation is selling a product or service with misleading information. If a proprietor does this, and a person buys into the lie, the contract is considered void.

In law duress is pressurising someone to entering into a contract with force, and without their consent. In such cases the contract, again, is void. And the party who subjected the other to duress may be subject to criminal damages.

In the lead up to Brexit the Tories knowingly misrepresented what was at stake in regards to how much the UK paid out to Europe on a yearly basis. (Misrepresentation #1).

The Tories misrepresented how strict EU guidelines to buyable goods and services were. (Mis. #2)

The Tories misrepresented how much money could go towards the NHS if they left the EU. (Mis. #3)

In regards to duress, the whole proceedings were rushed, with levels of stress soaring and forced upon the people without due time to consider the facts — which also were not given, fairly, but rather were misrepresented. Like signing a confession for a crime you never committed — just as you felt the coppers had you over a barrel — again, the confession would be void. (Mis. #4, Duress #1)

If you are of the opinion that this is “just politics” then you also presuppose that politics are above the law.

If you consider party politics as obtaining what one party wants without due regard to the law then you are supporting totalitarian tendencies in government.

This miscarriage of justice is beyond left v. right politics — rather, it is an affront to democracy and law as pillars of society itself.

What can be done?


Sue for your rights as citizens. This comes from an Irishman with no “blood in the game”, other than a law degree, and fear that if this blatant affront to democracy is accepted, it could carry across the channel and the Irish sea.

Demand democracy, it’s a politician’s duty to represent the people, as a whole, truthfully without misleading or blatantly lying regarding the issues at hand.

In the law of tort Duty means one person is legally obliged to carry out their side of a contract to another.

Another law broken by Brexit.

How many pillars of law can fall before the whole system crumbles?




Interested in Philosophy, Law. Based In Berlin. Irish. Musician: www.kilkelly.net

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Conor Kilkelly

Conor Kilkelly

Interested in Philosophy, Law. Based In Berlin. Irish. Musician: www.kilkelly.net

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