M. Thatcher & R. Reagan

Just wanted to say thanks. There’s a phrase that seems paradoxical. The “just” makes it, the giving thanks, seem small. Gratitude always seems tricky to express properly. If you over-do it you sound like you’re more into the aggrandising, or pageantry than the quiet act of giving thanks to someone.

Therein lies the difficulty — I need to thank a bunch of people. So, rather than trip up, I’ll get to to point. “Thank you” isn’t enough, it won’t cut it. I need to talk about .

Dependency gets a bad rap. If you’re dependent on people, it infers you…

Athenian Assembly

The idea of a , orisoften seen as using a lottery system to select people at random to make up, or supplement our typical political structures. What’s left out of this definition is that - what the vast majority of Western Democracies have at present, is a distortion and dilution of how Democracy originated, and how it was intended to work.

In , the people choose who will work on their behalf to introduce policies and enact political change in their society. In democracy, as it originated in Ancient Greece, the people exerted…

Taste is incredibly rare, while ignorance and idiocy are wholly abundant.

If you have good taste, pay attention and are intelligent, you are especially rare.

As such, it is your duty to do whatever you can to bring about good, intelligent, tasteful creations into this world.

The world has enough tack, trash and tedium — it’s teeming with the stuff.

How will you know if you’re intelligent? Foresight. If you have enough foresight and presence of mind to see things coming, more often than you fall victim to events — you’re probably smart.

Another clue is if you’re bored by…

Athens of old was a melting pot of new ideas, emerging from the minds of many philosophers who walked the ancient city’s cobbled streets. One such scholar, provocateur and convicted criminal was called Socrates.

Despite the fact he was convinced he knew absolutely nothing, he is thought of today as one of wisest people to have ever lived.

Socrates was an unruly character. His hair was unkempt. He never washed his clothes. Dear friends described him as hideously ugly. Yet, many came to hear him speak, and thought of him as a great teacher. …

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If Brexit was a legal case, there would be no Brexit.

In law is selling a product or service with misleading information. If a proprietor does this, and a person buys into the lie, the contract is considered void.

In law is pressurising someone to entering into a contract with force, and without their consent. In such cases the contract, again, is void. And the party who subjected the other to duress may be subject to criminal damages.

In the lead up to Brexit the Tories knowingly misrepresented what was at stake in regards to how much the…

1920’s Bluesman, Blind Willie McTell’s “Dyin’ Crapshooters Blues” is one of my favourite songs ever written. I like it for it’s macabre wit — “dig my grave with the ace of spades”, incredible melody, and narrative. But mostly I like the way Blind Willie McTell could command a room with nothing but a 12-stringed piece of wood and a quivering voice.

When I sing it, it’s toned down version to say the least. I leave out and mangle lyrics. I don’t attempt any of his harder guitar licks, and focus on mainly trying to keep up.

I love playing it…

Ireland just introduced a new dole, a social welfare for unemployed artists. It’s 200 euro a week, in your pocket, no questions asked. Soon as I heard this, my gut reaction was “can’t be, it’s too good to be true”. And that feeling has stuck with me, even as I read through the government statement, and read through the reasoning behind the decision — but, then a new feeling accompanied my doubt, a kind of murky damp rage. At first, I couldn’t really place where it came from. A committee was brought in to see, no doubt, “what in God’s…

Without a word of French, somehow I still dither on the brink of complete blubbering mess every time I listen to Jacque Brel’s “ne me quitte pas”. The Francophone, chanson singer lays claim to a wide breath of musical influence, with Nina Simone and David Bowie noting him as a key inspiration to their work. The question arises, why does this Belgian born, strange looking, gap toothed singer move me or any Anglophone alike so much? The answer I’ve come to suspect is that some music is like a language all onto itself. Unlike spoken languages, such music operates solely…

Joining a rock band when you’re eleven plays havoc with your ears in the long run… evidently. After countless sessions, wherein my fellow miniature punk peers blasted our amplifiers, and assaulted our instruments, I was left with continuous ringing in both my ears. Tinnitus is terrible, there’s no way around it, but those who suffer without silence eventually get somewhat used to it. During the day, you have to actively seek out the hum to notice it — as the sounds of the city, even the singing of birds, are enough to drown out the monotonous tone for the most…

It was a sweltering May morning, and I was ten minutes early for my 10am flat interview. Quite pleased with the fact I’d managed to find the place, I decided to explore. I had travelled a staggering ten paces before someone grabbed my arm, muttering something I couldn’t quite catch, prompting me to rattle off my catchphrase, “” The striking blonde thought for a moment, before retrieving the elusive word she was searching for, “Blowjob?”

You could say the usual small talk and appliance demonstrations inclusive of a apartment-viewing were somewhat hindered by…

Conor Kilkelly

Interested in Philosophy, Law. Based In Berlin. Irish. Musician: www.kilkelly.net

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